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Manufacturing Unit 

With over 200 Mt/month capacity, our two manufacturing units each have GMP-certified manufacturing facilities. We have an advantage over our rivals in the competitive markets because of our knowledge of API, specialty chemicals, API intermediates, and fine chemicals manufactured in multi-purpose/multi-product plants. According to GMP rules, API, specialty chemicals, API intermediates, and fine chemicals are formulated.

Quality Assurance

Shreeneel Chemicals has a cutting-edge quality control unit with the most modern tools, including IR, Karl Fischer, HPLC, GC, and UV. In addition, it is provided with internal analytical method validation for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. This Department provides internal Short Term and Long Term Stability Studies of produced products. It is also in charge of ensuring that the quality of the APIs for BP, IP, and USP are consistent.


Our R&D team, which has extensive experience in this pharmaceutical industry, focuses on formulating new products and improving already existing ones. To maintain competition, creative and economical techniques are created. Environmentally safe and non-hazardous ROS are designed and chosen by R&D.

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